Honest Gold Buyers

Are there honest gold buyers? Yes, there are. When I first opened for business that was my trade name, without the s. Later I changed it to Honest Gold Guy and allowed my Scrap Gold University students to also use the Honest Gold Guy brand name in their town.

As the original honest gold guy I require that all my students treat their customers honestly, fairly and with respect. We are not the only honest gold buyers in the nation, but we try to follow a strict code of ethics to ensure that our customers can trust us.

As a Honest Gold Guy this is what you can expect from me:

Privacy and confidentiality. Your business is your business.

Fast, Fair, Friendly Service with Respect.

Your items tested and weighed openly as you watch.

Accurate weights on a State Certified Scale

Weights in Grams - Gold is sold by Grams and Troy Ounces

An immediate fair offer with No pressure

By coming to an Honest Gold Guy you can avoid these common Gold Scams.

I have been a coin collector since I was a child. I like collecting coins, buying precious metals and meeting some very special people in the gold buying business. I am a long time resident of Prescott, Arizona.

I buy scrap gold, silver, platinum, coins, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, Sterling flatware, and much more. Bring in all the items you believe to be of value, and I’ll happily test them.I work by appointment Monday through Saturday

I serve the communities of Prescott, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Surprise, Payson, Wickenburg, Cave Creek, Anthem, Phoenix, Wittman, and Sun City, Az. if you are in or visiting Prescott, call me for an appointment to sell your gold.

Prescott Gold and Silver
910 E Gurley Street
Prescott Arizona 86301
Call 928-710-2137

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